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Paint by Numbers Pinot
Paint by Numbers Pinot

Will 2016 be the vintage of the decade? 2016 marks the fifth vintage that I have worked alongside my partner and friend, Lane Tanner.  One of the things...

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A Good Year's Sleep
A good year’s sleep

Thoughts on El Niño and General Lack of Z's “I don’t pay the mortgage that I do for rainy weather,” my Irish friend said to me a few...

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Estar or être…. That is The Question

The Spanish and French have argued for centuries over which side of the border Grenache originates from.  In Spain it is known as Garnacha, and is the most...

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New Scores from The Prince of Pinot!

Lumen's 2013 Pinots receive sweet accolades! Click here to read the article in The Pinot File.

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What About Bob?

The Controversy over Wine Scores For many decades now, wine critics have been reviewing wines, and wine consumers have been following their guidance.  This fact is hardly surprising...

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Is Wine Just a Beverage
Is Wine Just a Beverage?

Thoughts on the Most Exalted of Drinks In the wide world of alcoholic beverages, wine gets a lot of attention.  While craft beers, ciders, and spirits take more...

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Riding Santa Barbara’s Urban Wave

Wine Enthusiast Magazine, February 2015 Read the full article

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Why Getting Old Isn't That Bad
For the love of age and beauty

Why Getting Old Isn't That Bad There aren't many things in life that get better with age.  Cars lose thousands in value once they drive off the lot. ...

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