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Riding Santa Barbara’s Urban Wave

Wine Enthusiast Magazine, February 2015 Read the full article

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Why Getting Old Isn't That Bad
For the love of age and beauty

Why Getting Old Isn't That Bad There aren't many things in life that get better with age.  Cars lose thousands in value once they drive off the lot. ...

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Not always black and white
Not always black and white

Blanc Follows on the Heels of Noir The sheer number of wine grape varietals must be overwhelming for most wine drinkers to contemplate.  Even an experienced winemaker can...

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High praise for the fickle grapes

Introducing California's First Pinot Alternative Grenache is a very interesting and challenging grape.  A wine made from 100% Grenache can have the weight of a Pinot Noir: a medium...

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More skin in the game

Why Smaller Can Sometimes Be Better The quality of a wine is not always dictated by the sweetness of the juice.  Many winemakers make decisions on when to...

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Comin’ in cool

Lumen Crush is On! The first fruit of the season came roiling into the winery on August 19, when we picked Chardonnay Wente Clone 15 from Sierra Madre...

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What Lane’s boot tell us

SMV is Ripe on the Vine When Lane puts on her magic yellow boot, we know it's almost time for harvest.  Lane has donned this fine piece of...

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Is Wine Alive? – The Debate Over Ripeness

The first glass of wine that I liked was a White Zinfandel.  As hard as that is to admit, many people come to love this beverage (and yes,...

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