Distributor Partners

Distributor Partners

Discover our trusted network of wine distributor partners across the United States. Lumen Wines is proud to collaborate with these esteemed distributors, bringing our exceptional wines to enthusiasts nationwide.
We believe that the most balanced (and thus memorable) wines are made from fruit that is picked relatively early on the harvest calendar, the end result being a wine that is livelier on the palate, deeper in complexity, lower in alcohol, and more worthy of cellaring.
Arizona: Quench

California, North: Swirl

California, South: Grapevine

Colorado: Grand Vin

District of Columbia: Roanoke Valley Wine Company RVWC

Illinois: Kestral Wine and Spirits

Massachusetts: Horizon Beverage

Maryland: Roanoke Valley Wine Company RVWC

Michigan: AHD

Missouri: Offshoot Selections

Nevada: Budbreak

New Jersey: IPO Wines

New York: IPO Wines

North Carolina: Bordeaux Fine and Rare

Texas: Victory Wine Group

Virginia: Roanoke Valley Wine Company RVWC

Wisconsin: AVA


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